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2022 Wikipedia Asian Month Organizer Update[سنواريو]

Dear all WAM organizers,

Happy 2023!

Thank you for updating the Ambassador list. We will start issuing the Barnstar to all eligible participants by late January. All ambassadors will received an additional special Barnstar. Please be sure to update the list if you haven't done so. We also provide a certificate template for you to edit and print out to your participants.

Once again, thank you for organizing and participating the 2022WAM, we like to hear your comment. Much appreciate for filling, and spreading out this feedback survey.

Look forward to seeing you again in 2023 WAM!


Wikipedia Asian Month International Team

Request for filling up Google Form for Feminism and Folklore 2023[سنواريو]


Greetings Organisers,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for Feminism and Folklore and your initiative in setting up the competition on your local wikipedia. We would want to learn more about the needs of your community and for that please fill out the google form (here) as soon as possible so that we can plan and adapt the demands according to your specifications. By February 8, 2023, all entries for this form will be closed. Do share about the contest on your local Wikipedia. Ask your local administrator to add Feminism and Folklore to Mediawiki:Sitenotice. Create your own or see an example on meta

Also a reminder regarding the prior Google form sent for Internet and Childcare Support Financial Aid (this). Anyone who hasn't already filled it out has until February 5, 2023 to do so.

Feel free to contact us via talkpage if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks and Regards,

Feminism and Folklore 2023 International Team

MediaWiki message delivery (ڳالھ) 14:41, 30 جنوري 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Wikipedia Asian Month 2022 Campaign Survey - We'd like to hear from you![سنواريو]

Dear WAM2022 organizors and participants,

Once again, the WAM international team would like to hear your feedback by filling out the survey below.

Wikipedia Asian Month 2022 Survey[سنواريو]

We apologize for the permission setting that was blocking many of you from open the survey, this problem have been fixed. Please share this survey with your community. We hope to see you again with a better version in the 2023 campaign.

all the best,

The WAM International Team

Feminism and Folklore 2023 has been extended[سنواريو]


Greetings Organizers,

Greetings from Feminism and Folklore International Team,

We are pleased to inform you that Feminism and Folklore an international writing contest on your local Wikipedia has been extended till the 15th of April 2023. This is the last chance of the year to write about feminism, women biographies and gender-focused topics such as folk festivals, folk dances, folk music, folk activities, folk games, folk cuisine, folk wear, fairy tales, folk plays, folk arts, folk religion, mythology, folk artists, folk dancers, folk singers, folk musicians, folk game athletes, women in mythology, women warriors in folklore, witches and witch hunting, fairy tales and more

We would like to have your immense participation in the writing contest to document your local Folk culture on Wikipedia. You can also help with the translation of project pages and share a word in your local language.

Organizers have been notified some instructions on mail. Please get in touch via email if you need any assistance.

Best wishes,

International Team Feminism and Folklore. --MediaWiki message delivery (ڳالھ) 04:28, 30 مارچ 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Feminism and Folklore 2023 has ended, What's Next?[سنواريو]

مھرباني ڪري پنھنجي ٻولي ۾ ترجمو ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪريو

Dear JogiAsad,

Feminism and Folklore 2023 writing competition has ended. We thank you for organizing it on your local Wikipedia and help in document folk cultures and women in folklore in different regions of the world on Wikipedia. What's next?

  1. Please complete the jury on or before 15th of May 2023.
  2. Email us on support@wikilovesfolklore.org the Wiki usernames of top three users with most accepted articles in local contest.
  3. Write the information about the winners on the projects Meta Wiki Results page
  4. You can also put the names of the winners on your local project page.
  5. We will be contacting the winners in phased manner for distribution of prizes.

Feel free to contact us via mail or talkpage if you need any help, clarification or assistance.

Thanks and regards,

International Team
Feminism and Folklore

Translation request[سنواريو]

Hi. Could you please translate this to Sindhi?

Lingua Franca Nova (“Elefen”) is a language designed to be particularly simple, consistent, and easy to learn for international communications. It has a number of positive qualities:

  • 1. It has a limited number of phonemes. It sounds similar to Italian or Spanish.
  • 2. It is phonetically spelled. No child should have to spend years learning irregularities.
  • 3. It has a completely regular grammar, similar to the world’s creoles.
  • 4. It has a limited and completely regular set of productive affixes for routine word derivation.
  • 5. It has well-defined rules for word order, in keeping with many major languages.
  • 6. Its vocabulary is strongly rooted in modern Romance languages. These languages are themselves widespread and influential, plus they have contributed the major part of English vocabulary
  • 7. It is designed to be naturally accepting of Latin and Greek technical neologisms, the de facto “world standard”.
  • 8. It is designed to seem relatively “natural” to those who are familiar with Romance languages, without being any more difficult for others to learn.
  • We hope you like Elefen!

Thanks for your help. --Caro de Segeda (ڳالھ) 07:03, 31 مَئي 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Where is its link to Wikipedia article?&#32؛جوڳي اسد راڄپر  ڳالھ 10:43, 31 مَئي 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingua_Franca_Nova#32؛Caro de Segeda (ڳالھ) 12:39, 31 مَئي 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]
Okay, Thanks&#32؛جوڳي اسد راڄپر  ڳالھ 14:03, 1 جُونِ 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Feminism and Folklore 2023 - Local prize winners[سنواريو]

مھرباني ڪري پنھنجي ٻولي ۾ ترجمو ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪريو

Congratulations on your remarkable achievement of winning a local prize in the Feminism and Folklore 2023 writing competition! We greatly appreciate your valuable contribution and the effort you put into documenting your local Folk culture and Women on Wikipedia. To ensure you receive your prize, please take a moment to complete the preferences form before the 1st of July 2023. You can access the form by clicking here. We kindly request you to submit the form before the deadline to avoid any potential disappointments.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via talkpage or Email. We are more than happy to help.

Best wishes,

FNF 2023 International Team

Stay connected  

MediaWiki message delivery (ڳالھ) 10:47, 10 جُونِ 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Feminism and Folklore 2023 - A Heartfelt Appreciation for Your Impactful Contribution![سنواريو]

مھرباني ڪري پنھنجي ٻولي ۾ ترجمو ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪريو

Dear Wikimedian,

We extend our sincerest gratitude to you for making an extraordinary impact in the Feminism and Folklore 2023 writing competition. Your remarkable dedication and efforts have been instrumental in bridging cultural and gender gaps on Wikipedia. We are truly grateful for the time and energy you've invested in this endeavor.

As a token of our deep appreciation, we'd love to send you a special postcard. It serves as a small gesture to convey our immense thanks for your involvement in the competition. To ensure you receive this token of appreciation, kindly fill out this form by August 15th, 2023.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce that we'll be hosting Feminism and Folklore in 2024. We eagerly await your presence in the upcoming year as we continue our journey to empower and foster inclusivity.

Once again, thank you for being an essential part of our mission to promote feminism and preserve folklore on Wikipedia.

With warm regards,

Feminism and Folklore International Team.

--MediaWiki message delivery (ڳالھ) 18:37, 25 جُولاءِ 2023 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Invite to Join Wikipedia Asian Month 2023[سنواريو]

You are receiving this message because you participated in the Wikipedia Asian Month 2022 as an organizer or editor.

Join the Wikipedia Asian Month 2023

Dear all,

The Wikipedia Asian Month 2023[1] is coming ! The campaign start within a flexible 30 days from November to December. Following with the changes of the rules made by last year, the wish to have more people get to know Asia and Asian related topic is the same! Click "Here" to Organize/Join a WAM Event.

1. Propose "Focus Theme" related to Asia !

If you are based somewhere in Asia, or have specific passion on an Asian topic, please propose your "Focus Theme" by October 25th. The WAM international team will select 5 themes. Please propose your focus theme through this link[2].

2. Enhancing existing articles can also count as part of campaign contribution.

Any edits, including creating new articles or adding new content to existing articles, over 3000 bytes in total would be able to get a reward. Last year, due to this change of rules, the Programs & Events Dashboard was suggested. However, according to community survey of 2022, Fountain Tool is still the best platform for tracking edit and points. You don’t need to create any Dashboard. For the tracking of editing existing article, the international team is currently designing a form. Will soon publish to the main page of WAM 2023.

3. More flexible campaign time

The contribution duration would remain 30days, but we extended the overall campaign timeline to 2 months. All organizers can decide when to start their WAM as long as the whole duration is within November 1st to December 31th. It means that you can participate in WAM based on the needs of your local community.


  • October 1st, 2023 : Publish International Campaign Page of the Year
  • October 5th to 25th, 2023 : Call for focus themes of WAM 2023.
  • Before 29 October, 2023: Complete Registration [3] of Each language Wikipedia.
  • November 1st, UTC 00:00 to December 31th, UTC 00:00, 2023: Running the Campaign. (Find your local campaign for the actual event date.)
  • January 1st to March 15th, 2024: Auditing of each language Wikipedia.
  • March 30th, 2024: Deadline of reporting statistics and eligible editors to the International Team
  • April 1st to May 15th, 2024: The international team distributes Barnstars and Certificates to eligible editors of each event.

For your information, the main page of Wikipedia Asian Month is currently undertaking a reconstruction for archiving purpose. For the 2023 event please bookmarked this page. We hope you will enjoy Wikipedia Asian Month! If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact us by info@asianmonth.wiki [4]. We look forward to your participation.


WAM 2023 International Team

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Asian_Month_2023

[2] https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPLz8kvSP_0LlI4vGRHAP2ydJPnLY__1hb9-p8AsRcS2R2NQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Asian_Month_2023/Join_an_Event

[4] info@asianmonth.wiki

Translation request[سنواريو]


Can you translate and upload the article en:Laacher See in Sindhi Wikipedia?

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (ڳالھ) 10:12, 12 جنوري 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

IA&#32؛جوڳي اسد راڄپر  ڳالھ 19:05, 14 جنوري 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Invitation to Organize Feminism and Folklore 2024 Writing Competition[سنواريو]

مھرباني ڪري پنھنجي ٻولي ۾ ترجمو ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪريو

Dear JogiAsad,

Hope you are doing well, Wishing you a Happy New Year!.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to organize the Feminism and Folklore 2024 writing competition, which is scheduled to take place from February 1, 2024, to March 31, 2024. This year's edition of Feminism and Folklore will concentrate on feminism, women's issues, and gender-focused topics, aligning with a Wiki Loves Folklore gender gap focus and featuring a folk culture theme on Wikipedia.

This year we have created two new Tools for the Feminism and Folklore project. The tool is called Campwiz. This tool is created by the international Tech team of Wiki Loves Folkore especially crafted for Feminism and Folklore project. The tool works as same as fountain or dashboard but has extra abilities required for jury and submission of articles.

To create a new campaign on Campwiz, organizers to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the tool link: https://tools.wikilovesfolklore.org/
  2. Select your wiki on which you want to organize the campaign (enter the name or short code, such as "sd" for سنڌي وڪيپيڊيا).
  3. Give your campaign a name example "Feminism and Folklore 2024 on سنڌي وڪيپيڊيا)".
  4. Select the start and end dates (note: keep your start date as Feb 1 and end date as March 31).
  5. Provide a description for your campaign (you can briefly describe the campaign in this section).
  6. Make sure to keep the checkboxes ticked for "Allow users to submit articles that were not created but expanded." if you want to use the campaign for expanded articles also.
  7. Keep minimum added bytes as 4000 and minimum added words as 400 and click next.
  8. In the jury section, keep the checkboxes ticked for "Allow jury members to participate in the campaign" and "Prevent jury members from seeing each other's votes." As per your preference.
  9. Under the jury search box, type the username of your jury and click on the "+" button to add; you can add multiple jury members.
  10. Click next to review and then click on save.

With this we have also created a Missing article tool. This tool identifies articles in the English Wikipedia that are absent from your native language Wikipedia. You can customize your selection criteria, and our tool will provide you with a table displaying the missing articles along with suggested titles. You also have the option to download the list in both CSV and wikitable formats.

Both tools, the Missing Article Tool and the Campwiz Tool, are now available for public use during the Feminism and Folklore campaign. You can find more information about these tools here: https://tools.wikilovesfolklore.org/

There are also some changes in the rules and criteria's. Please go through the rules below.

  1. Minimum Length: The expanded or new article should have a minimum of 4000 bytes or 400 words, ensuring sufficient depth and coverage of the chosen topic. The local organizers are free to choose the minimum length criteria as per needs of their local Wikipedia and must be clearly mention on local project page.
  2. Language Quality: Articles should not be poorly machine-translated, ensuring that language quality and readability are maintained at a high standard.
  3. Timeline of Creation or Expansion: The article should be created or expanded between 1 February and 31 March, aligning with the specified contest timeline.
  4. Theme Relevance: Articles should directly address the theme of feminism and folklore, exploring connections between gender, cultural traditions, and intangible heritage.
  5. No Orphaned Articles: Articles must not be orphaned, meaning they should be linked from at least one other article to ensure visibility within the Wikipedia ecosystem.
  6. No Copyright violations: There should be no copyright violations, and articles should adhere to local Wikipedia policies on notability, ensuring that the content meets the standards for notability.
  7. Adequate references and Citations: Each article should include proper references and citations following local Wikipedia policies, ensuring the reliability and credibility of the information presented.

Learn more about the contest details and prizes on our project page here. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us on our meta talk page or via email.

We eagerly anticipate your enthusiastic coordination and participation in Feminism and Folklore 2024.

Thank you and Best wishes,

Feminism and Folklore 2024 International Team

--MediaWiki message delivery (ڳالھ) 06:51, 18 جنوري 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

پاڪستان جي قومي اسيمبلي[سنواريو]

مون نيشنل اسيمبلي آف پاڪستان جي 50 صفحن جو ترجمو ”پاڪستان جي قومي اسيمبلي“ جي زمري ۾ ڪيو آهي۔ پنهنجي راءِ ڏيو. وڌيڪ حلقن کي شامل ڪرڻ ۾ مدد جي ضرورت آھي۔&#32؛امین میمن (ڳالھ) 08:23, 12 فيبروري 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

سنڌي وڪيپيڊيا تي توهان جي ڀاڱيدارين ۽ اَڻ ٿَڪ محنت جي لاءِ توهان کي جَسُ هُجي، انهن مَضمونن ۾ اندر ڪجهه انگريزي ۾ لفظ يا جملا آهن انهن کي ڪوشش ڪري سنڌيءَ ۾ ڪري لکو، جيڪي مضمونن جا ڳنڍڻا انهن ۾ داخل ٿيڻا آهن اهي ڏسو ته اڳ سنڌي وڪيپيڊيا تي موجود آهن ته اهي ساڳيا عنوان ڏئي لکو، اهي توهان کي وڪيڊيٽا تان ڳنڍيل لڀندا. مان به ڪوشش ڪندس ته انهن کي سنواري بهتر ڪريان، توهان پنهنجي لکيل مضمونن کي وڌيڪ سنواريندا رهو ڪنهن به ريت جي ڪابه مدد يا رهنمائي کپي ته پڇڻ ۾ نه گهٻرائيندا. مهربانيون&#32؛جوڳي اسد راڄپر  ڳالھ 10:01, 25 فيبروري 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]
هينئر ناري واد لوڪ وارتا مضمون لکڻ جو مقابلو هلي رهيو آهي ان ۾ پڻ شرڪت ڪري مضمون لکي انعام حاصل ڪريو.&#32؛جوڳي اسد راڄپر  ڳالھ 10:03, 25 فيبروري 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Organising Feminism and Folklore[سنواريو]

Hello Community Organizers,

Thank you for organising Feminism and Folklore writing competition on your wiki. We congratulate you in joining and celebrating our cultural heritage and promoting gender equality on Wikipedia.

To encourage boost for the contributions of the participants, we're offering prizes for Feminism and Folklore local prizes. Each Wikipedia will have three local winners:

  • First Prize: $15 USD
  • Second Prize: $10 USD
  • Best Jury Article: $5 USD

All this will be in gift voucher format only. Kindly inform your local community regarding these prizes and post them on the local project page

The Best Jury Article will be chosen by the jury based on how unique the article is aligned with the theme. The jury will review all submissions and decide the winner together, making sure it's fair. These articles will also be featured on our social media handles.

We're also providing internet and childcare support to the first 50 organizers and Jury members for who request for it. Remember, only 50 organizers will get this support, and it's given on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration form will close after 50 registrations, and the deadline is March 15, 2024. This support is optional and not compulsory, so if you're interested, fill out the form here.

Each organizer/jury who gets support will receive $30 USD in gift voucher format, even if they're involved in more than one wiki. No dual support will be provided if you have signed up in more than one language. This support is meant to appreciate your volunteer support for the contest.

We also invite all organizers and jury members to join us for office hours on Saturday, March 2, 2024. This session will help you understand the jury process for both contests and give you a chance to ask questions. More details are on meta page.

Let's celebrate our different cultures and work towards gender equality on Wikipedia!

Best regards,


MediaWiki message delivery (ڳالھ) 05:56, 29 فيبروري 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

Next Steps and Feedback Request for Feminism and Folklore Organizers[سنواريو]

Dear Organizer,

I hope this message finds you well.

First and foremost, I want to extend my gratitude to you for your efforts in organizing the Feminism and Folklore campaign on your local Wikipedia. Your contribution has been instrumental in bridging the gender and folk gap on Wikipedia, and we truly appreciate your dedication to this important cause.

As the campaign draws to a close, I wanted to inform you about the next steps. It's time to commence the jury process using the CampWiz or Fountain tool where your campaign was hosted. Please ensure that you update the details of the jury, campaign links and the names of organizers accurately on the sign-up page.

Once the jury process is completed, kindly update the results page accordingly. The deadline for jury submission of results is April 30, 2024. However, if you find that the number of articles is high and you require more time, please don't hesitate to inform us via email or on our Meta Wiki talk page. We are more than willing to approve an extension if needed.

Should you encounter any issues with the tools, please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram for assistance. Your feedback and progress updates are crucial for us to improve the campaign and better understand your community's insights.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to spare just 10 minutes to share your progress and achievements with us through a Google Form survey. Your input will greatly assist us in making the campaign more meaningful and impactful.

Here's the link to the survey: Survey Google Form Link

Thank you once again for your hard work and dedication to the Feminism and Folklore campaign. Your efforts are deeply appreciated, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

Feminism and Folklore International Team #WeTogether

MediaWiki message delivery (ڳالھ) 08:26, 7 اپريل 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]

New Bot Request for CampWiz[سنواريو]

Hi, can you please apply my bot request on approprate page? Please use the following details:

  • Operator: Nokib Sarkar (ڳالھ)
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic, periodic
  • Programming Language(s) : Python
  • Function Summary : Notify submitter about evaluations, notify (subscribed) judges about new submission, notify (subscribed) users about the statistics of ongoing campaigns on CampWiz tool.
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N) : Not here, but in mrwiki, knwiki, bclwiki
  • Function Details : This bot is a part of the tool CampWiz which assists organizers of various edit-a-thon to host, manage campaign, evaluate submissions, publish results (As of now, about 40 campaigns were hosted and 4500+ articles were submitted through this tool). One of its sibling tool helps organizers to generate a list of articles which are not present on their wiki based on topic (As of now, 233636+articles in 150+ lists were harvested). One of our main targets was to reduce the security issue and liability along with privacy issue. As such, this tool uses a single bot account to interact with mediawiki which eliminates the need of storing the user's access token on the server. As of now, the bot would perform the following tasks. In order to prevent spamming, all the edits on user talk pages would be done by batch hourly, rather than immediately.
  1. trackingTemplate: This bot would add a template (configured by the campaign organizers) on the talk page of an article if it does not already exist, whenever that article is submitted into a campaign.
  2. notifyEvaluation: This bot would add a message on submitter's talk page if any of his submissions get any evaluation by the judge (including any note that judge left).
  3. notifyNewSubmission (opt-in only): This bot would add a message containing new submission that were added on the talk page of the user who volunterily consented to have updates.
  4. notifyStatistics (opt-in only): This bot would periodically give statistics update about the campaign the user opted-in. (For future reference)

To demonstrate the functionalities, please look at the edits on mrwiki. All the templates that the bot uses should be localized too. These are:

&#32؛Nokib Sarkar (ڳالھ) 17:35, 14 اپريل 2024 ( يو.ٽي.سي)[ورندي ڏيو]