وڪيپيڊيا طرفان
ڏانھن ٽپ ڏيو: رھنمائي, ڳولا
The Signpost
[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Archives/Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Issue|Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Issue]]
دنيا جي تازين خبرن جي لاءِ، ڏسو باب:هاڻوڪا واقعا ۽ Wikipedia:ذرائع خبر۔ وڪيپدِيا ڇا ناهي تصور، ڏسو WP:NOT#NEWS

There are various sources of news about وڪيپيڊيا، The Wikimedia Foundation that supports the project, and other related Wikimedia projects.

وڪيميڊيا فاؤنڊيشن

  • Wikimedia Foundation news, news about the Wikimedia Foundation, the international non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of various Wikimedia Projects.
  • Wikimedia blog

خبرن جا ٻيا ذرائع

There are also places in Wikipedia and its sister projects that publish articles on current events and the latest world news using Wikimedia software.

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