مدد:لاڳاپيل تبديليون

کليل ڄاڻ چيڪلي، وڪيپيڊيا مان
(مدد:Related changes کان چوريل)

The related changes feature (found in the Toolbox menu) lists all recent changes in each article linked to from the current page, but not more than the number specified in the preferences. Its header is "Related changes" with a subheader "(to pages linked from "xxx")".

As in Recent Changes and Enhanced Recent Changes, watched pages are bolded.


The option "Hide minor edits" that can be set in the preferences applies to Related Changes.

See also hide minor edits.

In code

In code, one can link to any page to be RELC tracked:



  • Changes to the source page (page with links) itself is not listed.
  • For links to redirects, only a change in the redirect is given, not a change in the target article. In this regard a direct link to the target article is superior.
  • The "Related changes" feature does not list changes in images, sound files or image description pages (regardless of which of the three linking methods (image, :image or media) is used.)
  • When applying the feature to a subpage, the automatic link to the parent page is ignored, i.e., changes in the parent page are not listed unless there is also an explicit link to it.

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