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کليل ڄاڻ چيڪلي، وڪيپيڊيا مان
نيويگيشن ڏانھن ٽپ ڏيو ڳولا ڏانھن هلو

Documentation icon دستاويز سانچو[نمائش] [سنواريو] [تاريخچو] [تطهير]

Template intended to force Nasta'liq script fonts if installed:

  • "Urdu Typesetting" -- Proprietary Microsoft font that is available on all versions of Windows starting with Windows 8.
  • IranNastaliq
  • Nafees Nastaleeq [٨] > [٩]
  • Pak Nastaleeq [١٠]
  • Awami Nastaliq [١١] (currently works only on Mozilla Firefox 46+, see [١٢])


{{Nastaliq|Your text}}


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